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Main Street Tour

Main Street

Discover the history that created the National Capital of Georgetown
Learn about the architecture of the beautiful and historic buildings in the city
Visit 20 locations including most important monuments in the Guyanese capital
Explore areas tourists don’t often see
Find out about our colourful political characters – past and present
Get recommendations on places to eat and drink
And snap some outstanding photographs!

Walter Roth Museum

Next to the State House, this is a center for research into Guyana’s Amerindian communities. Named after a Dr. Walter Roth a British doctor and geologist who was posted to Guyana in 1909 and developed by its first curator Dr. Denis Williams. It displays Relics and artifacts of Guyana’s nine indigenous people. A complete tour of this facility will take about 30 minutes.

St George’s Cathedral

It is said to the world’s tallest freestanding wooden building at a height of 143 feet. The current structure is the third Church and second Cathedral of St. George’s erected near this site. The first Church was razed to the ground, the second collapsed due to weak foundations and this; the third one was built in 1892.

Parliament building

Public buildings also known as Parliament building was established in 1837. It was designed by Architect Joseph Hadfield and was handed over to the British Colonial legislature on the 5th August, 1934. The Parliament Buildings is where the National Assembly of Parliament in Guyana and its committees meet. It is one of the buildings in Guyana with the finest architecture. The building is housed in the heart of Georgetown and neighbours the Stabroek market and the Demerara River.