Provotique walking tours

Meet our Guides

Ruqayyah Boyer

Hello Beautiful Humans of the world! Big Hugs and a warm welcome to my beautiful hometown. Ruqayyah’s the name. It has Arabic origin and can be really difficult to pronounce so if I happen to be your tour guide for the day feel free to call me Rocky (The genesis of that nickname has quite the history).

I’m a bilingual travel aficionado who has been living in Guyana for over 20 years. I was tasked with the great honour of representing this beautiful land of ours as a Beauty & Goodwill Ambassador at three of the world’s most prestigious beauty contest namely Miss Universe 2012 (United States), Miss World 2013 (Indonesia) and Miss International 2014 (Japan). I’m also Part 121 FAA Certified as a Flight Attendant and host my own YouTube v-logging show called #1Love

I have a deep rooted passion for acting & the performing arts but a part from the arts three of my favourite things in the world are People, History and Travel. I have been very fortunate to visit over 40 countries globally; to dwell, learn and inherit through interaction the rich culture and history of every destination I encountered. Decidedly I figured it was time to pay my dues and share my beautiful city with all of the world through Provotique Walking Tours. I believe the best way to get the real essence of any new destination is by simply taking a walk and being in the moment. I can’t wait to meet you all and hope you enjoy the tours and your stay in Guyana. As we say here at ProvotiqueWT ‘Leh We Tek Ah Walk” #1Love

Lyndon Jones

Hi everyone, I am Lyndon Jones, however everyone in Guyana knows me by the stage name Jumbie which came from a local sitcom I starred in ‘called agree to disagree’. I was born on January 14, 1966 and I’m a proud native of New Amsterdam Berbice, another place you should visit once while in Guyana if ever you get the opportunity.

I first started tour guiding in 1994 under the mentorship of one of Guyana’s pioneers in tourism Mr. Richard Ousman. My past includes working as a waiter/bartender for four years, a prison officer for 5 years, A miner and now when I’m not doing tours I run my own production company, co-produce and direct the nothing to laugh about and uncensored shows here in Guyana.

I’m well known across Guyana for acting and comedy and after living in this beautiful country for over 45 years, I truly believe that we are an undiscovered paradise. A part from our lucky charmed geographical location safeguarding us from natural disasters, our country has breath taking flora and fauna, a multiplicity of cultures and a landscape that is unique to the world.

I’ve created a way to share stories of our national treasures through comedy and as such it is with great anticipation that I look forward to showcasing our garden city to you in all its splendor.

Candasy Tuanna Layne

Blessings to you my fellow Human kind and welcome to my beautiful country, Guyana Land of many waters and the most hospitable people. I’m Candy, Travel is my life, I love people, I love to have a great conversations and I Love my country Guyana.

In addition to being one of your guides I am also the chief operating officer at Provotique walking tours and in more informal terms what you’d refer to as a ‘country girl’ here in Guyana as I grew up partially before moving to the capital city in the picturesque mining town of Linden.

It is with great anticipation and pride that I showcase my country’s history and culture to you. I have a diploma in FAA Certification and one of the faces you’ll be seeing during your walking tour here in Guyana. I have also been trained in First aid as I like to be prepared in the case of an emergency.

When I’m not sharing tales about my beloved country to you kind folks, I’m running my arts, craft and jewelry business which you will encounter as we traverse these streets. I’m super excited to be your guide and enlighten you about some of the great features, history and fun facts of the garden city. Blessings and see you soon.

Yerrodin Akeel Bowen

Yerrodin Akeel Bowen is the name however most of my friends call me Sudi. A 25 year old native of Georgetown Guyana, raised primarily in Freeport Bahamas before migrating to the USA to attend university. I recently got married to the love of my life Olivia and together we are building a future right here in this beautiful city.

I truly believe in the endless potential, great culture and history that our country has to offer and when I’m not showing you around town, I work as the Project Manager of the W & T George & Co Ltd. I’m also a poet and came into my own while performing at the upscale poetry nights prior to the closing of the restaurant. Poetry for me is my way of telling stories and if ever you get the chance to listen or read some of my work you will find local references generously sprinkled in as I’ve a keen interest in the culture and history of this town.

Guyana can be very exciting once you’re in the right hands and with us here at Provotique walking tours guiding you along, you surely will be in for a great adventure and create memories and friendship that will last. I look forward to meeting you.